BeverageBoard TV Menus

Maximize customer spend by advertising at the point of sale with CityCheers digital menu and drink boards.
Show off your signature beer, wines and specialty cocktails

The BeverageBoard's TV Monitors list out the drink menus as follows: one TV for Beer and one TV for Wine and Spirits.  Typically, these TV’s are mounted vertically in order to prevent patrons from asking to have a game turned on a drink menu TV monitor. 4/5th of the TV screen is used for beverage menus. The remaining bottom 1/5th of the screen is used for CityCheers to sell advertising signage to beer, wine, and spirit brands.

CityCheers provides the software solution to manage the content on the BeverageBoards in trade for advertising signage on the bottom of the TV screens.  CityCheers is legally prohibited from sharing the brand advertising revenue with the alcoholic beverage license holder.

BeverageBoards are a simple solution that drives patron attention to premium beers, wines, and cocktails.  BeverageBoards are a great solution to help patrons avoid ordering the SAME OLD DRINK and point them to a great variety of premium options – resulting in higher revenue.

Did you know…
• 90% of customer buying decisions are influenced by visual factors
• 75% of consumers have told someone about a business after responding to digital signage
• Over two-thirds of people agree that the signage of a business directly reflects the quality of that business and their products