CityCheers Package

These EIGHT FEATURES solve CRITICAL pain points

1. Chalkboard - Venues use the CHALKBOARD feature to display their current status, lunch/dinner specials, happy hour deals, televised sports games, and special events. Operators are able to update this content from the web browser on their tablet

2. Customer OnBoarding - CityCheers Activations Team shows our merchants how we get their Regulars to FAVORITE their venues which includes: email lists, facebook posts and website updates

3. ExpressCheck - Users can view, tip and pay on their phone from any location. It saves people waiting in line for pick up orders and from waiting for their bill - just Pay and Go

4. ReOrder - Anything that has been ordered can be ordered again through the app with a click of a button

5. Server Call Button - Looking for your server? Click on the Server Call Button on the App to get your server's attention. When you click the button, the Server’s tablet will blink, alerting them to come to your table

6. Rewards Points - When Users pay on the App they earn Rewards Points at each venue. These points are always available on the app

7. ExpressOrder - Patrons can order, tip and pay on the App. Saves people getting put on hold and hanging up - requires a tablet that is purchased by the merchant 

8. ccGifting (coming soon) - Enables customers to purchase gift credits for themselves, family, and friends to redeem in the future. This is a great way for people to help out their favorite restaurants and bars

Custom Branded App Listing

- Hours, Open/Closed or TakeOut Only status
- Photos, Logos, Menus, Address, & Phone
- It's like a small private app


    - To-go menus with modifiers
- Patrons pay on the app*

    Patrons pay $.50 per order

* uses merchants existing processor


    - Mobile App payments
- ReOrder Drinks
- Rewards Club items

Patrons pay $.50 per order pay
with ExpressCheck

ExpressCheck Check-Out

Rewards Points
- Patrons earn points on every visit

CityCheers App Phone Orders

Step 1: Patron Opens a Tab

Patron taps the ExpressCheck tab on their App and taps Open Tab


When the Patron calls-in their order they say they are paying with ExpressCheck


“I am paying with ExpressCheck”

Step 2: Server Assigns Ticket

After the Server enters the order into the POS system 


The Server taps the ExpressCheck icon and a window pops open

EC Icon 2

When the Server taps on the patron’s face/name on the POS, they bridge the patron’s name to the ticket. Then the order shows up on the patron’s mobile device

Step 3: Patron PAYS

The Patron reviews their bill and taps PAY NOW

ExpressCheck enters the Tip closes the Ticket and emails the Receipt to the Patron

When the patron taps Pay on the App - the card is processed, the tip is entered and the ticket is closed on the POS


• Voice-to-text ordering
• Supports any language
• Payments are made to the POS system
• Requires merchant tablet

How it Works
• Patron views the venue's menu on the CityCheers Network app

• After clicking "Place an Order," patron chooses whether they want Delivery, Dine-in, or Pickup
• A text field with microphone icon pops up on the bottom of the screen
• Patron speaks or types their order then clicks Submit when done
• Submit creates a new record in the venue's tablet with the entered text
• At this point, the patron gets checked-in to ExpressCheck at the location
• Venue opens the order on their tablet
• They can either Accept, Reject, or send comment back to patron
• A comment generates a Push Notification to the patron
• Opening this, takes the patron to a new page where they can see their order and the comment thread
• The patron can reply to comments if necessary
• When the venue is ready, they Accept the order
• Patron receives email confirmation and a Push Notification
• When re-opening the App, they will be taken to the ExpressCheck checkout page
• Patron can then view their order and pay by using ExpressCheck

Patrons don’t get left on hold
MobileOrders are easier and faster for the Patrons and Servers

CityCheers App

Next Steps

Call CityCheers Media to secure a listing on the CityCheers App
CityCheers will do everything for you

To activate an account, we need their photos, logo and menus or an existing website address

We need the current account information for their credit card account - so we can send the payments directly to that account

We also need the Venue Order Form completed, so we understand all of the details about the account

If you have questions, please give us a call

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