Phone Order Examples

1. A person calls to order at a restaurant from their car
a. They open-a-tab on the CityCheers App and give their name with their order
b. The Server on the phone enters their order into the POS and assigns their name to ticket
c. The check instantly pops up on the Users phone on the CityCheers App
    - where they view their check and tap pay
d. Now that the order is prepaid, the User drives by the venue - grabs their food and leaves

2. CityCheers enables restaurants to offer fast food dining experiences
- this is handy for people that are in a hurry - but want to have good food
a. User is driving down the highway
b. They open-a-tab on the CityCheers App and call ahead to place their order
    - they give their name with their order
c. Server assigns their name to the ticket on the POS
d. User walks into the restaurant, sits down for a quick meal
e. Then, looks at their check on their phone and taps pay and leaves in minutes

3. Quick Service Restaurants - Drive Thru
a. User enters the drive thru, opens-a-tab and gives their name with their order
b. Server assigns their name on the POS
c. User looks at their order while they are in line and taps pay - prepays the order
d. User pulls up to the togo window, grabs their food and leaves

4. A man is out for a jog
a. User decides to go into a smoothie shop but he doesn't have his wallet with him
b. He pulls out his phone, orders, and pays with ExpressCheck on the CityCheers App

5. A woman is at the counter ready to pay
a. She is holding a baby and a purse with phone in hand
b. With ExpressCheck, she views the bill, taps pay and leaves

Without ExpressCheck, the woman would have to put her purse on the ground, sit her baby on the counter, rummage through her purse to look for her wallet, opens the wallet and grabs her credit card. Then she would have to stick her credit card into the credit card machine, wait for it to process, then put put is back into there purse. After that, she waits for her receipt. She finally signs the receipt, grabs her stuff and leaves.

None of this is possible with QR Code solutions
Extremely important at chain accounts