Patrons don’t get left on hold
MobileOrders are easier and faster for the Patrons and Servers

Patron views the venue's menu on the CityCheers Network app


After clicking "Place an Order," patron chooses whether they want Delivery, Dine-in, or Pickup


A text field with microphone icon pops up on the bottom of the screen

Patron speaks or types their order then clicks Submit when done


Submit creates a new record in the venue's tablet with the entered text

At this point, the patron gets checked-in to ExpressCheck at the location

Venue opens the order on their tablet

They can either Accept, Reject, or send comment back to patron


A comment generates a Push Notification to the patron

Opening this, takes the patron to a new page where they can see their order and the comment thread

The patron can reply to comments if necessary


When the venue is ready, they Accept the order


Patron receives email confirmation and a Push Notification

When re-opening the App, they will be taken to the ExpressCheck checkout page

Patron can then view their order and pay by using ExpressCheck

The Tablet interface for Waitlist and Ordering requires ECMAScript 6 (aka Javascript 6)

Minimum OS Requirements:
Windows 7
Mac OS 10.12
iOS 10

Minimum Browser Requirements:
Safari v11 (2017)
Safari Mobile v11 (2017)
Chrome v61 (2017)
Chrome Mobile v49 (2016)
Firefox v60 (2018)
Microsoft Edge v16 (2017)
Opera v48 (2017)

The Amazon Silk browser (default on Fire devices) is based on Chrome so it would follow the
same guidelines as Chrome mobile (2016 or newer)

There are no compatible versions of Internet Explorer