Introducing ExpressOrder

On the CityCheers App, patrons tap the “More” tab to access the ExpressOrder feature

ExpressOrder enables patrons to speak or type their order into the App

The App supports most languages making it possible for customers to speak their order in any language. This works particularly well at Chinese, Mexican or Italian restaurants where many of their patrons speak a given language

Here's how it works

When patrons tap "Place an Order," patrons choose whether they want:

Delivery • Dine-in • Pickup

An ordering field pops up - enabling patrons to speak or text their order into the field

They tap Submit when they are done

Orders are sent to a Tablet Interface

When patrons submit their orders to the restaurant on the CityCheers App, their names are automatically added to the ExpressCheck app on the POS and the tablet will flash for the server to see the new order

As the servers enters the orders into the POS, they can tap the Send Comment tab to speak or text into the tablet any questions they have about the order

When the server is ready, they tap the Accept tab, which notifies the patrons that their orders have been accepted

After the order is entered into the POS, the server taps the ExpressCheck icon on the POS and bridges the patron’s name to the ticket on the POS. Instantly the order on the POS is pushed to the CityCheers App on the patron’s phone - where they can Tip and Pay in advance.

Questions and Comments

Send Comment - generates a Push Notification to the patron

When the Push Notification arrives, it takes the patron to a page where they can see their order and the comment thread

The patron can reply to comments or confirm their order

We found that modifiers cause problems with mobile ordering
We resolved this problem by enabling two way communications
- just like a server taking an order over the phone.

With ExpressOrder, no one gets left on hold, people don’t hang up and servers can get through the orders - more quickly

Patron Payments and fees

When the server enters the order on the POS and pushes it to the CityCheers App
- patrons can confirm their order and then tap Tip and Pay

We found that the ExpressOrder process is simple for patrons to use and it virtually eliminates errors on TOGO orders

As soon as the patron taps PAY on the checkout page
• the receipt is placed in their email INBOX
• it takes about three seconds to process the order
• all payments are processed with merchant’s existing processor

Patrons pay $.50 per order to Merchant for using our interface
- this money is deposited into the merchants checking account

Merchants pay CityCheers $1 per order
• which means the Merchant pays a net charge of $.50
• there are no other merchant fees for ExpressOrder
• each month, CityCheers uses ACH to debit the merchant’s ExpressOrder fees

Tablet Specifications

The Tablet interface for Waitlist and ExpressOrder requires ECMA Script 6 (aka Javascript 6)

Minimum OS Requirements:
Windows 7
Mac OS 10.12
iOS 10

Minimum Browser Requirements:
Safari v11 (2017)
Safari Mobile v11 (2017)
Chrome v61 (2017)
Chrome Mobile v49 (2016)
Firefox v60 (2018)
Microsoft Edge v16 (2017)
Opera v48 (2017)

The Amazon Silk browser (default on Fire devices) is based on Chrome so it would follow the same guidelines as Chrome mobile (2016 or newer)

There are no compatible versions of Internet Explorer