Loyalty Program

Driving sales and revenues is one thing…

But, do you know your customer lifetime value or recognize it is less expensive to keep customers coming back than it is to generate new ones?


Digital Punch Cards
Point Systems
Birthday Rewards
ExpressCheck Rewards

Our CityCheers Platform gives you tools to give them a reason to return. Increase customer traffic and revenue while simultaneously increasing customer loyalty to your business. With access to innovative tools and a network of loyal customers, it’s easy to attract new customers into your business day after day.

Our spend-based rewards can get customers spending up to 10% more every time they visit.

ePunch Customers satisfy certain conditions (buy 10 burgers, lunches, beers, etc.) to earn “ePunches.”  When 5 / 10 / X number of punches are secured, the patron redeems the Reward on the venue’s app and the ePunches are instantly cleared and reset for more ePunches.

The ePoints system allows patrons to accrue ePoints with every purchase (1 ePoint per dollar spent, for example). Customers earn rewards every time they pass a set threshold of ePoints, specified by you (for example: $5 off your bill at 25 points, free appetizer at 50, free entree at 100, etc.)

Birthday Rewards
Birthday Rewards are given to patrons in the month of their birth. Operators can offer any Birthday Reward they choose.

ExpressCheck Rewards
ExpressCheck Rewards are provided by the merchant to patrons paying with ExpressCheck. One ExpressCheck reward per ticket.  When tables turn faster and servers have more time to sell more food and drinks - ExpressCheck Rewards pay for themselves. Plus, everyone benefits from the Security of tokenized payments.