Patron Benefits

For just $.50, ExpressCheck delivers the fastest, safest and most secure way to pay
- it also includes the following features

1. Chalkboard - Live-streamed, daily specials, promotions and events
   • Patrons can see lunch/dinner specials, Happy Hour deals, televised sports games, or entertainment

2. ExpressCheck - Patrons can pay their Check on their phone
   • Patrons can TIP, PAY and GO, whenever they want - no more waiting for your credit card to be processed

   COVID Safe - Patrons are protected from person-to-person contact
   • Patrons no longer need to hand over credit cards or touch chip card readers

   Protects Patron Credit Card Information - it is the safest and most secure way to pay
   • Patrons enter their credit card into the app - one time where it is secure
   • Patron credit card information never passes through the restaurant POS system

3. Rewards Points - Patrons can earn Rewards Points on every Purchase
   • Every $1 equals 1 point
   • Patrons earn back their ExpressCheck Fees when they redeem their Rewards points

4. ReOrder - Anything that has been ordered can be reordered through the app
   • Patrons can tap a button to instantly reorder a drink or appetizer

5. Call Server - Click on the Server Call Button on the App to get your server's attention
   • When you click the button, the Server’s tablet will blink, alerting them to come to your table

6. Wait List - Join Wait List remotely through your custom branded app
   • Patrons can view the wait times and jump in line from their home or office

7. ExpressOrder - Patrons can pay in advance for takeout orders
   • Voice-to-text ordering
   • Supports any language
   • Orders show up on a tablet browser

8. JobLine - Recruiting platform for Restaurants & Bars
   • For restaurant and bar operators who are looking to apply for server, bartender, hostess, cook or management positions

Coming Soon: Consumers will be able to use The CityCheers App to Pay at Retail Stores, Gas Stations, Grocery Stores & Airports