Find the perfect plan for you.

ExpressCheck Plan

$100 / Month

  • Free Guest WiFi
  • Wait List
  • ExpressCheck
    No Hardware Pay-at-Table
    Rewards Network

Premium Package

$200 / Month

  • Free Guest WiFi
  • Wait List
  • ExpressCheck
    No Hardware Pay-at-Table
    Express Rewards Network
  • BeverageBoards
  • Marketing Platform
    Dynamic Websites & Mobile Apps
    Events and Specials Broadcasting
    Mobile Ordering
    Mobile Offers
    Loyalty Rewards - Birthday Rewards
    Customer Comments
    Social Share Button
    Custom Feature Buttons
  • Ad Supported

AdFree Option
All inclusive
Without the ads

$300 / Month

  • Everything in the CityCheers
    Automated Marketing Platform
    without brand advertising on the BeverageBoards or no BeverageBoards installed.

    Ad Free

What our customers are saying...


“I like CityCheers because it gives me a direct connection to my regulars, both daily, and weekly. They send out sports schedules and my daily and weekly specials, along with our live entertainment  schedule. We live in a small community, but have managed to build a customer base of well over...

850 customers who have downloaded and use our app daily…

The coolest thing with having the ap is that it also comes with ExpressCheck, a secure payment system, that allows my customers to check in, and pay without having to wait for the server to print and drop off the bill…

I have also talked to some of my fellow business owners about this payment system, and have encouraged them to reach out to CItyCheers…”

— Mike Blaha, Owner, Chips Place Pizza & More

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“Communicating our events and messages through the App, over social media and by email allows me to cover many more bases, with a consistent and focused message.  Marketing broadcasts have been a plus as we see our own language and style throughout...

… we truly believe that ExpressCheck is going to continue to get the attention of our clientele.  We will have 1000 clients registered and they seem most intrigued by their ability to pay their check from their table. We have 2 large bars and 2 large dining rooms, as well as additional private dining space.  This piece is going to win big here, simply be a big win here, simply because of our size. They are already asking other operators in the area when they’ll be joining us! We believe we’ll see a reduction in chargebacks and walked tickets.  We are already working on additional ‘sales-ability’ with my TEAM, as we are creating additional time from not processing as many credit cards.”

Dan Rhode, Leader, Cask & Cork Amarillo

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"Thank you for all your work you have been doing for us, your responsiveness to our needs is great.  I noticed that we recently passed the 2,200 customers activated benchmark. That’s really impressive.  I knew we were popular but I never would have thought...

that we could reach so many customers so quickly - you’ve done a great job…”

— Dan Navarro, General Manager, Henry's World Famous Hi-Life

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