ExpressCheck is faster, safer and more secure than QR code payment apps 

Functions ExpressCheck User Experience - Safer & Faster Payment Apps that require a code or a QR Code
- requires more steps and is slower
Merchant Fee Structure Zero Transaction Fees
Zero Credit Card Fees
Zero monthly service fees
Merchants still pay their credit card processing fees
QR Code mobile payment apps typically make their money on credit card processing fees which can be as high as 2.9% to 3.2% per transaction, plus $0.35–$1.00 transaction fee
Payment Processor Options Connects to virtually any traditional processor in minutes Merchant typically required to set up a new merchant account with a designated processor
Payment Process Patron taps tip and taps pay and leaves. Patron needs to flag down server to request the check. Then waits for it to be delivered, then scans a code, then enters a credit card, then enters the tip, then taps pay. Patron has to do this process over and over again at every venue they visit.
Splitting Checks The checks are split at the beginning when the server enters the order into the POS - patrons can pay & go when they are ready Servers have to go back to POS at the end of the meal and split the tickets - patrons have to wait for servers to split and drop the checks
Requires Server to print a code or QR code and deliver to table Patron taps the check-in button on the app - no code or QR code required. Patron has to wait for server to print a code and deliver it. The the patron has to scan the QR code and credit card information and enter it into the app on each purchase.
User Payment Experience Credit card is entered into the app ONE TIME. Users can pay at any restaurant or bar that runs on virtually any POS system and processes payments with any processor Users have to enter a code and enter a credit card at every venue.  These solutions typically only connect to a handful of systems. This high friction experience will negatively impact consumer adoption.
Phone orders When patrons call in their orders, and the server enters them into the POS - they show up instantly on the patron's phone - where they can view their check, tip and pay in advance  This functionality is NOT AVAILABLE on the other QR code solutions
Walkouts Servers are protected. If a patron forgets to pay - the Server can charge them on the ExpressCheck app on the POS. Bridges patron to the ticket at the beginning of the meal. Merchant has patron name, photo, phone number and email address. If patrons get intoxicated, they may be tempted to act like they paid and walk out. Then, staff have to chase them down in the parking lot and bring them back in to pay OR they lose the ticket and have to cover it themselves. 
Chargebacks ExpressCheck user agreement prohibits chargebacks. Users are blocked from accessing the CityCheers App until the last ticket is paid in full - just like Uber. Users can chargeback all transactions
Patron name, phone, email, gender, birthday, zip code Merchants gets access to this data 24/7 when they purchase the CityCheers Package Merchants do not get access to their patron data
Patron Preferences Merchants capture patron’s favorites and personal preferences on our tablet interface Not Available
Automated Marketing Platform CityCheers automates broadcasts for daily specials, televised sports games, Happy Hour Deals, specials and events - gets regulars to return more often Not Available
Loyalty Program - Rewards Points Integrated directly into the POS and for easy participation, redemption and management Requires 3rd party access to manage Rewards - not integrated
Third-party connection fees Our baseline service is free to the merchant. No 3rd party connection to POS or fees Connections to POS and credit card processor through 3rd parties that charge venue fees on top of underlying mobile payment service fees
Credit Card data passes through POS - Not Secure Tokenized payment technology means no credit card is transmitted Credit card is transmitted through unsecured mobile browser, through 3rd party servers to the POS
Purpose of App Enables merchants to have a direct connection to their patrons. Gives patrons access to live feeds of daily specials, coupons and events, plus 25 different features and services Payment Only
POS Integrations and Payment integrations CityCheers proprietary and patent pending ExpressCheck cloud technology connects ONE APP to many different POS system networks and payment processors Most all other QR solutions are running on a 3rd party restricted platform that charges much higher fees to the merchants and patrons. They do not own their technology.
Patron Onboarding Process Automated patron onboarding process - uses signs, menu inserts and table tents to point patrons to a WiFi interface that directs users to the registration page Servers are expected to onboard patrons