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One Super App that hosts the best bar and restaurant apps

- all in one place

CityCheer's Dylan's Pub and ExpressCheck Receipt Screen

CityCheers is giving every bar and restaurant in America, their very own iOS and Android apps - for FREE and we are hosting all of these apps on the CityCheers Super App.

CityCheer's App Homepage for Android and Apple iOS Phones

This way, consumers only need ONE APP to see every bar and restaurant app in the country.

One App - An Entire Hospitality Ecosystem

CityCheers integrates to the best hospitality technology solutions

  ConnectPortal and App Features

CityCheers Connect Portal for Managed Services
Broadcasts direct to Patrons via CityCheers Super App

Patron Broadcasts

CityCheers Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

CityCheers Signature Items

Signature Items

With the ConnectPortal, venue's can manage all of the the app features. They can send Broadcasts directly to their patrons. They have control of updating Chalkboards, Signature Items, and Calendars.


Payment Feature automates the payment process at bars and restaurants

ExpressCheck Payment Feature

With CityCheers - your server assigns your check at the beginning of your visit - this way you can pay and go, whenever you're ready

First - the patrons save their credit cards on the CityCheers app. 

When an order is entered into the POS system - it instantly displays on the patron's mobile device. This way, patrons can View their check anytime during their visit.

Patrons can Tip and Pay - whenever they are ready to go and their receipts are emailed and saved on the app - no asking for a check or handing over a credit card.

Its the safest, fastest and most secure way to pay at bars and restaurants

Operational Benefits of


For Venue Operators

Walkouts - servers can charge patron's credit card after they leave - tip included

Chargebacks - merchants are completely protected

Tables turn faster - means your staff will serve more covers during each shift. 

Automates the payment process - Operators convert the time processing credit cards to touching more tables and selling more food and drinks.

For Consumers

Never ask for a check OR wait for a check again 

- just Tip, Pay and Go

No handing over credit cards

No awkward moments when servers stand over the patrons - while they are tipping them

Patron credit card date is 100% protected

The CityCheers Apps & ExpressCheck feature are free to bar and restaurant owners

Patrons pay $0.50/transaction to use the ExpressCheck feature

Cask Bottle Logo

Don Rhode

Manager, Cask & Cork

"Maximizing participation in events like the recent Jefferson's Ocean Bourbon event as well as the Coppola Wine Dinner are absolutely driven by our CityCheers broadcasts. Selling 60 seats to a wine dinner in hours is a benefit we simply can't overlook"

The Original Pancake House

David Dennison

Owner, The Original Pancake House

"CityCheers makes it easier to pay. Just make an easy payment through CityCheers ExpressCheck. It's the easiest thing to do for us and I think for many other restaurants as well."

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The Restaurant Owner's Guide to Improving Operations