Restaurant Marketing Apps

Increase Foot Traffic and Boost Revenue With Restaurant Marketing Apps

Mobile devices have transformed the way foodies look for new restaurants or keep track of their favorite dining spots. Nearly 90% of diners look up information and reviews on their mobile devices before visiting a restaurant, so businesses need to maintain a presence on restaurant marketing apps to find success.

CityCheers is more than just a dedicated listing — complete with menus, photos, and hours of operation — for each restaurant and bar in its app network. It provides a one-on-one connection that allows venues to keep patrons informed about upcoming specials and events, grant access to loyalty programs, the ability to pay their bill from their phone, and much more — all at no cost to you. To discover how CityCheers can help get more diners into your restaurant while decreasing table turnaround times, book a free demo today.


What is a Restaurant Marketing App?

Restaurant marketing apps are the number one way hungry diners connect with the places where they want to eat.

For example, someone may turn to a mobile app to find out what their neighbors think of that new steakhouse that just opened up. Out-of-towners may want to find the best spot within walking distance of their hotel. Or someone may just have a hankering for a tasty burger, and wants to find the best spot in town. 

Whatever the reason, the convenience and ease-of-use restaurant marketing apps provide often make them the first — and last — choice a diner will make when looking for a bite to eat. 

Maintaining a presence on the restaurant marketing apps people use is paramount to success, but communication is often a one-way street. Potential diners can look up reviews or get the info they need to decide where to dine, but restaurants can’t send out information to diners to entice them to drop by.

CityCheers is different. Set up a venue listing within the app, update your chalkboard with daily specials and events, then beam this info directly to customers via push notifications and email, all at no cost to you.

Phone Shell Mockup Broadcasts
Phone screen mockup of Rewards feature in CityCheers app

CityCheers also provides integrated loyalty features to drive repeat business, customizable widgets for third-party reservation and food delivery integration, and customer data to enhance your marketing efforts.

Plus, CityCheers enables diners to pay for their tab directly within the app through its patented ExpressCheck mobile payment solution, helping your business decrease turnaround time on tables, sell more food and drinks, and make walkouts a thing of the past.

Phone screen mockup of ExpressCheck feature in CityCheers app

Why use a Restaurant Marketing App?

Since most people use their mobile devices to look up nearby restaurants before visiting, eateries must maintain a presence on these devices. Designing bespoke apps is costly and time-consuming for all but the largest restaurant chains. Instead, small businesses and local establishments must rely on restaurant marketing apps to increase their visibility.

A more active mobile presence can translate to increased foot traffic and revenue for your restaurant. And as customers leave positive reviews of their experience, positive word of mouth spreads, increasing the chance new customers will take a chance on your establishment.


Benefits of Restaurant Marketing Apps

Increased Revenue
Most diners are looking for the easiest path between looking up a restaurant and sitting down to eat, and rarely go beyond the convenience provided by mobile apps. Being part of this ecosystem ensures that your restaurant is listed where people are actually looking, driving more traffic to your doors.

Source of Truth
Make finding your restaurant a breeze with a one-stop-shop for contact details, hours of operation, reservations, and other critical info. And since that information comes directly from you, it’s guaranteed to be up-to-date.

Gather Feedback 
Word-of-mouth is everything in the restaurant industry. Positive user review buzz encourages first–time patrons to visit your restaurant or bar and helps drive repeat business.

Robust Search Functionality 
Set search criteria like type of cuisine, price, family-friendliness, and other accommodations to ensure diners find exactly what they’re looking for.

Restaurant Marketing App Features

Restaurant marketing apps make it easier to reach customers, boost revenue, and encourage repeat business. The following features help restaurants and bars maximize their marketing reach:


Business landing page

Diners can’t visit your restaurant if they don’t know where you’re located. Your landing page provides a convenient way to find the information they’re looking for, like addresses, phone numbers, menus, and more.

Advertising and promotion capability

Got a trivia night coming up? Highlight happy hour specials on your landing page,  or notify customers of upcoming events, specials, and game times by pushing broadcasts directly to patrons via push notifications and email.

Customer Insights

Knowing who’s visiting your restaurant will help you market to them more effectively. Gather insights on diners who visit your landing page and interact with your promotions to target customers better and maximize KPIs.

Loyalty programs

Everyone loves a freebie. Reward your most dedicated customers with discounts, coupons, and more.

Third-party integrations

The modern restaurant relies on a ton of third-party apps to provide food delivery services, take reservations, and more. Integrate them — as well as your restaurant’s POS — to provide a seamless experience from initial research to paying the check

How Restaurant Marketing Apps
Improve Customer Loyalty

While they say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, loyalty programs are as close as you can get — and customers love them. Over 40% of customers say rewards programs encourage them to dine at a particular restaurant, and more restaurants than ever are implementing loyalty programs to capture customer data and boost repeat visits from their most loyal diners. 

But not every restaurant has the bandwidth to build and track its own loyalty program. That’s why CityCheers provides a unified system for restaurant owners that makes it easier to gather email addresses and other customer info, keep tabs on reward progress, and redeem discounts within your POS system.


Reward Programs include:

Welcome reward

Welcome Rewards

Provide discounts or offers when diners sign up for your loyalty program.


Point systems

Customers can earn points from purchases to redeem for free food or drinks on future visits.


Digital Punch Cards

Track purchases over time and award freebies once customers reach specific milestones.

Birthday reward

Birthday Rewards

Send out a coupon to encourage diners to drop in on their special day.

Partner With CityCheers and Connect With Your Diners

Ready to see what CityCheers can do? Learn more about the numerous features the CityCheers app provides that will drive traffic, boost customer loyalty, and increase sales for your restaurant.