Contactless Payments for Restaurants

Let’s Update the Dining Experience

Are your customers still flagging down servers and handing over their credit cards, only to wait around to sign a paper check? What about your staff? Are they shuttling to and fro with credit cards and little black booklets?

When you switch to contactless payment, all those time-wasting steps go away, and your venue is no longer susceptible to credit card fraud. CityCheers allows your customers to pay a bill from their phone and move on with their night. Meanwhile, your staff can spend their time on more important things than finding pens that work.

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What is Contactless Payment for Restaurants?

Contactless payment uses mobile technology, allowing your customers to pay the check on their phone. The transaction is processed directly on your POS system without having to collect a credit card or print a paper check.


How Does Contactless Payment For Restaurants Work?

Phone screen mockup of ExpressCheck in the CityCheers app with a pizza in the background.

1. A patron downloads an app with contactless payment capabilities (such as CityCheers) and saves their credit card information.

2. The patron tells their server they'll be paying with CityCheers' ExpressCheck.

3. Your server assigns the ticket to the patron and ExpressCheck in the POS terminal.

4. From that moment on, the patron can see their check on the app. They're free to leave a tip, pay, and go whenever they want.

5. That’s it! The patron doesn’t need to wait for a check, and your staff don’t have to waste time picking up, processing, and dropping off the check and credit cards.

Modernize The Payment Experience

Mobile technology already made once-cumbersome tasks — like shopping or booking a hotel — a matter of few taps on a screen. Restaurants will need to align with customer expectations to stay current with the next generation of diners. 

Contactless payment for restaurants provides an updated experience for your customers that matches the rest of their digital lives.

Make The Checkout Process Make Sense For Your Patrons and Staff

Meet Them Where They Are:

More people than ever, Gen Z and Millennials especially, rely on their phones to run their lives. Accepting a contactless payment method at your restaurant creates a seamless experience for digital natives, whether they’re ordering from your menu or waiting on your tables.

Save Time:

Your patrons don’t like to wait for their checks, so the checkout process at your restaurant shouldn’t have to be a journey. Your servers are wasting valuable time juggling orders and processing payments when they could be using that time selling more food and providing better service. Allowing your patrons to pay from their phone saves them and your staff time by eliminating the table-to-POS-to-table loop.

Protect Credit Card Data:

With contactless payment for restaurants, your patrons don’t have to worry about handing over the plastic to a stranger and crossing their fingers that their credit card information won’t be stolen. And your staff won’t have to deal with the stack of forgotten credit cards at the end of the night.

Put Health and Safety First:

Whether it’s flu season or a global pandemic, contactless payment for restaurants eliminates the need for grubby little booklets with credit cards, pens, and paper slips changing hands.

Turn More Tables, Make More Money

Free Up Tables Faster

When patrons pay and go, your staff can get the tables ready for the next party. Getting rid of the song-and-dance around the checkout process means you can turn more tables per shift and your servers have more time to provide world-class service and sell more food. And you, of course, make more money.

Diners and Dashers, No More

Contactless payments for restaurants store credit card data, which means that if a patron “forgets” to settle the bill on their way out, your venue manager can still charge them through ExpressCheck, plus a 20% tip.

Build Client Loyalty

A negative customer service experience, even at a restaurant with fantastic food, can leave a bad taste in a patron’s mouth. Making the checkout process easy is another way to ensure everyone who visits your restaurant has a great time and returns again and again.

Key Features Of Contactless Payments For Restaurants

Contactless payment solutions should be easy to use for customers and staff — after all, making the checkout process seamless is the whole point. Look for providers that work with your current POS system to minimize training time for your team.

POS Integration:

The best contactless payment apps will work with your current POS seamlessly.

Secure Payments:

Patrons’ credit card data should be safely stored in a secure payment gateway, where it can’t be accessed by staff (or anyone else).

Walk-Out Protection:

A venue manager should be able to process a charge from your POS system if the patron doesn’t initiate the payment.

Don’t Make Your Patrons Wait

CityCheers’ ExpressCheck provides a secure way for customers to pay for their meal and enjoy the rest of their night. No flagging down servers or asking for the check for the umpteenth time during the dinner rush. 

Credit card information is stored in a secure payment gateway, where it can’t be seen by restaurant staff or CityCheers. Your servers can simply close the tab, generate an electronic check, and should a customer walk out without paying, a venue manager can charge them the full amount, plus an automatic 20% tip. 

And best of all, it’s free for restaurants and works with most POS systems. You can add CityCheers’ ExpressCheck as a payment option in your existing system and close a tab in the same way you normally would. There’s nothing new to learn, purchase, or update.