The CityCheers App:
Drives Traffic and Customer Loyalty

Venue Listing Phone

Every Venue Gets a Free Venue Listing

Current customers save it as a favorite.

New customers discover you via search and GPS when they are nearby.

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Your Chalkboard is Beamed to the App

Your chalkboard of daily specials & events is beamed directly to the app.

Your regulars will love being in the know and will return more often with their friends.

Engage Your Customers Via Broadcasts

Broadcast your daily specials, happy hours, game times, and events via Push Notifications and Email.

Not only is the app free to you, but you can leverage unlimited broadcasts at no charge.

Phone Shell Mockup Broadcasts
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Customize Your User Experience with the WidgetGrid

Widgets can be customized to personalize your app offering around your most important services.

Custom buttons quickly redirect patrons to proprietary features like FAVS, Jobline, and Rewards.

The WidgetGrid also links to your 3rd party partners like reservations, mobile ordering, or ride share companies.

Loyalty Features Drive Revenue & Repeat Visits

Loyalty features increase customer traffic, revenue and repeat business.

Customize your offering with Welcome Rewards, Points Systems, Digital Punch Cards, Birthday Rewards.

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Real Customer Insights

With CityCheers, you’ll have actual data on the preferences and purchase history of your best customers.

And market to them like never before.

Mobile Payments via ExpressCheck

We put the customer in control of the checkout process.

Integrates with POS systems that power America's restaurants and bars.

And works with your current merchant processor.


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