CityCheers Connect Portal

A web-app that is saved to your management team's mobile devices and
gives them the ability to manage and control the features of your CityCheers App listing

Get Your Patrons to Return More Often

The CityCheers Connect Portal is a platform for merchants to access their listing on the app

  • Chalkboards can be modified daily to give your patrons real time information on what's happening in your venue
  • Promote your signature cocktails and menu items through CityCheers Favorites
  • Update your calendar of events

The Connect Portal provides Merchants a direct connection to their regular customers

  • You have access to the profile data of everyone that favorites your venue or pays with ExpressCheck
  • Send Daily Broadcasts using Push Notifications & Email Blasts to promote your daily specials, promotions and events
  • CityCheers gets your venue's regulars to return more often and bring their friends. By using the Broadcast feature, venues can potentially bring in an additional 500 patrons monthly. At an average ticket of $20, that’s $10,000 monthly

Tablet Interface

Mobile Interface

Each venue posts their daily specials and events to their CityCheers App listing

Calendar of Events
Managers post their upcoming Happy Hour Deals, Promotions, Events, and Televised Game Times

CityCheers Favorites
Venues can promote their signature food and drink items

Managers can speak into the CityCheers Connect Portal to send Broadcasts directly to their patrons