ExpressCheck Mobile Payments

ExpressCheck allows patrons to check-in, view their bill, tip, pay and GO right from their mobile device.
ExpressCheck turns patrons' mobile devices into payment terminals.

ExpressCheck Features

When patrons can PAY and GO…
• Servers generate more money because they have more time to focus on customers
• Tables turn faster
• Servers can handle more tables

Merchant Security Benefits
• Patrons can’t walkout on a check
• ExpressCheck blocks chargebacks
• Servers can’t increase tip amounts
• Servers can’t see or take patron credit card data
• If POS systems get hacked merchants are protected because
no card data ever passes through the POS

Here's How it Works
When a customer orders on their phone or at the restaurant, the server or bartender enters the order into the POS then taps the ExpressCheck icon on the POS screen to bridge the patron to the ticket. The ExpressCheck software instantly pushes the order to the CityCheers App on the patron’s mobile device. The patron reviews their order, taps on the TIP amount and taps PAY.