ExpressCheck Payment Technology

provides merchants with the safest and most secure way to pay

ExpressCheck Features

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ExpressCheck eliminates the PROCESS of processing credit cards at restaurants and bars

As soon as bartenders and servers enter an order into the POS,
patrons can view their check on their phone, tip and pay - then go whenever they are ready
If they forget to pay, servers can charge them using the ExpressCheck interface on the POS
tips are automatically included - per the ExpressCheck User Agreement

How It Works


When a patron opens-a-tab on the CityCheers App,
they give their name to the server when they order

The server writes down the patron's name with each order

When the server enters the order into the POS
they tap the ExpressCheck icon
to assign the patron to the ticket

The ExpressCheck software instantly
pushes the order to the CityCheers App
on the patrons's mobile device

The patron reviews their order,
taps on the TIP amount and taps PAY

The receipt is instantly placed in the patron's INBOX

ExpressCheck Payment Technology reduces server-to-patron contact
When Patrons pay on their phone, they eliminate the process of handling credit cards, pens and chip card readers


› When operators install the ExpressCheck plug-in onto their POS system, it will immediately accept payments from customer mobile devices

› ExpressCheck sends the payments directly to the merchants existing credit card processor with no additional fees or costs

› This is NOT an NFC solution
› There is no Hardware required
› There are no codes or QR code scans required
› There are no additional credit card fees or ExpressCheck fees to the merchants
› ExpressCheck is 100% free to the merchant