ExpressCheck allows patrons to check-in, view their bill, tip, pay and GO right from their mobile device.
ExpressCheck turns patrons' mobile devices into payment terminals.

ExpressCheck Features

When patrons can PAY and GO…
• Servers generate more money because they have more time to focus on customers
• Tables turn faster
• Servers can handle more tables

Merchant Security Benefits
• Patrons can’t walkout on a check
• ExpressCheck blocks chargebacks
• Servers can’t increase tip amounts
• Servers can’t see or take patron credit card data
• If POS systems get hacked merchants are protected because
no card data ever passes through the POS

Automated Customer Enrollment Solution
Our ExpressCheck Free Wifi solution onboards customers automatically and explains...
• how to load ExpressCheck onto patron mobile devices
• how to pay with ExpressCheck
• how patrons are protected when they pay with ExpressCheck
• the ExpressCheck Rewards Network

On-site Signage and Messaging
• Table tents/menu inserts
• Door, podium, and cash register signage 

ExpressCheck Rewards Network

When patrons pay with ExpressCheck, merchants WIN on multiple levels
In order to entice patrons to pay with ExpressCheck, Merchants offer these Rewards:
• $1 Soda or Coffee
• $2 Bud Light/Coors Light
• $3 Mozzarella Sticks, Small Nacho Plate, Dessert Plate
• $4 Well Drink/Glass of Wine

ExpressCheck Rewards serves two purposes:
• It entices patrons to pay with ExpressCheck
• It eliminates the need to charge transaction fees to the merchants

The ExpressCheck Rewards App presents LIVE, REAL-TIME offers:
• ExpressCheck Rewards – offered to every Patron paying with ExpressCheck
• Merchant REWARDS POINTS – earned by Patrons paying with ExpressCheck
• Game Times, Happy Hour Deals, Lunch & Dinner Offers, and Daily Specials**

** ExpressCheck broadcasts for these promotions are available only to Private Label merchants.

• Merchant REWARDS POINTS (example: Baxter’s Rewards Points)
Every time patrons pay with ExpressCheck, they can earn POINTS: 1 point for every $1 spent at the venue. ExpressCheck automatically tracks the Points earned on each visit and enables them to be redeemed. Patrons are notified when a Reward is earned. Merchants determine the Reward Points offers: IE 25 points - Free dessert, 50 Points - Free sandwich, etc…

• Merchant Daily Promotions and Special Offers (example: Baxter’s Daily Promotions) The best way to get your patrons to pay with ExpressCheck is require them to pay with ExpressCheck in order to receive any of your regular weekly specials or offers: for example: Happy Hour Deals, Drink Specials, Lunch Specials, Buy 1 Get 1 or any Discounts/Offers

The ExpressCheck Rewards always saves the customers MORE than $.50 per visit Merchants do not pay any ExpressCheck transaction fees