ExpressCheck turns patron’s mobile devices into payment terminals. 

Our ExpressCheck Services

Improve employee profitability
Get your employees engaging in revenue producing activity like making drinks or upselling at the table by eliminating the payment processing time suck.

Automated customer enrollment
CityCheers offers a no-hardware Pay-at-Table solution that enables your customers to see their bill, pay, tip and leave. ExpressCheck turns your patron mobile devices into payment terminals.

Our customer database and rewards/loyalty programs drives more returning customers back to your restaurant as we use payment convenience to enroll customers in a premier marketing engine.

Keep your existing equipment and payment processor
ExpressCheck converts legacy POS systems to the safest and fastest solutions on the market - all while keeping your existing POS/Payment Processor equipment and relationships.

ExpressCheck Rewards Network

How do you save time, make money, and reduce risk all at the same time?  ExpressCheck Rewards
Our unique customer-facing technologies bring automation to the customer acquisition process.  ExpressCheck Rewards is a marketing tool that brings seamless motivation to customer enablement into your custom branded marketing stream that we provide.  ExpressCheck adds stickiness to your customer conversion from the first-time patron to “regular customer” by relieving the payment process pain-point, loyalty rewards and event notification.

The ExpressCheck Rewards App presents LIVE, REAL-TIME offers:
• ExpressCheck Rewards – offered to every Patron paying with ExpressCheck
• Merchant REWARDS POINTS – earned by Patrons paying with ExpressCheck
• Game Times, Happy Hour Deals, Lunch & Dinner Offers and Daily Specials**

** ExpressCheck broadcasts for these promotions are available only to CityCheers Premium merchants

ExpressCheck Rewards
• Merchants offer 3 to 4 ExpressCheck Rewards for ExpressCheck customers examples: 1/2 price appetizer or dessert, free soda or coffee, $2 Bud Light or Coors Light, $4 well drink or glass of wine the ExpressCheck Rewards are only available to patrons paying with ExpressCheck - one Reward per visit

• Merchant REWARDS POINTS (example: Baxter’s Rewards Points)
Every time patrons pay with ExpressCheck, they can earn POINTS: 1 point for every $1 spent at the venue ExpressCheck automatically tracks the Points earned on every visit and enables them to be Redeemed Merchants determine the Rewards Point offers: 25 Points: free dessert, 50 Points: free Sandwich etc...

• Merchant Daily Promotions and Special Offers (example: Baxter’s Daily Promotions) The best way to get your patrons to pay with ExpressCheck is require them to pay with ExpressCheck in order to receive any of your regular weekly specials or offers: for example: Happy Hour Deals, Drink Specials, Lunch Specials, Buy 1 Get 1 or any Discounts/Offers

The ExpressCheck Rewards always saves the customers MORE than $.50 per visit Merchants do not pay any ExpressCheck transaction fees