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Hospitality Ecosystem

Hospitality Ecosystem
Custom Venue App Connect Portal & Managed Services Patron Favorites WidgetGrid & Other Features Food Delivery, Waitlist & Reservations Rewards & Loyalty Providers Hospitality Jobs Instant Gifting Point of Sale Systems Card Processors Customer Success Beverage & Food Distributors Super App ExpressCheck

Custom Venue App

Every venue in the CityCheers app network receives a FREE listing that features your menus, photos, specials, calendar, and more. Patrons "Favorite" your venue and opt in to receive your marketing messages.

Connect Portal & Managed Services

Take control of your listing and keep your patrons updated daily with signature items, chalkboard specials, calendar of events and more!

Don't have the time to manage your listing? Learn more about how we can help you with Managed Services.

Patron Favorites

Fill your listing with all the pertinent information, accessible to a patron all in one easy-to-find place

WidgetGrid & Other Features

The WidgetGrid is an endlessly customizable icon grid that links to both CityCheers services as well as your own 3rd party solutions. Customize your app listing by linking the CityCheers app to existing partners - all in one place for easy use by your patrons.

Food Delivery, Waitlist & Reservations

CityCheers links directly to all major food delivery services, allowing you to utilize whatever partner you prefer.

Rewards & Loyalty Providers

CityCheers links to all major loyalty providers, enabling your patrons to maintain all of their loyalty punches and points. CityCheers also has an in-app loyalty punch system to help lighten the load for any venue without a loyalty solution.

Hospitality Jobs

Streamline your employment process with JobLine by CityCheers. Patrons can apply to open positions listed right in the app!

Instant Gifting

Patrons of your venue can purchase and redeem digital gift cards in the CityCheers app! Gift these cards to your friends & family or use a CityCheers Gift at your favorite venue to pay for your meal.

Point of Sale Systems

ExpressCheck by CityCheers connects to all major POS systems, making it easy for your servers to use as part of the normal checkout process.

Card Processors

ExpressCheck by CityCheers is integrated with all major Card Processors, keeping your transactions safe & secure. There's nothing for you to change.

Customer Success

CityCheers' Customer Success team ensures that your venue stays equipped to handle any and all patron requests or issues. We'll help train your staff on the CityCheers app and set your team up for success!

Beverage & Food Distributors

CityCheers is open to partnerships with all major Food & Beverage distributors. Contact us to learn more!

Super App

The CityCheers Super App creates a Hospitality Ecosystem that boosts revenue, Patron engagement, and much more.


ExpressCheck by CityCheers is the fastest, safest, most secure to pay at Restaurants & Bars. Find out why.